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The Pathology department at SSH is equipped to perform numerous diagnosis using the latest and advanced technology equipments. We have services to offer investigation in Histopathology, Cytopathology, Clinical Pathology and Hematology. We have state of art instruments and have developed standard operating to streamline all pre-analytical, analytical and post-analytical processes and procedures. These help us in ascertaining & ensuring the right procedures for patient preparation, sample collection, sample identification, transport, preservation and analysis. Our Pathology Lab offers several types of investigations as mentioned below.


  • Dr. Arti Dani ( MD )
  • Dr. Saroj Meshram ( MD )
  • Dr. Shipa Narkhede ( MD )
  • Dr. Archna Randale ( DNF )
  • Dr. Sanjay Chavan ( MD )


  • CBC
  • PS & Bone Marrow for Opinion
  • Coagulation Profile
  • Sickling Test
  • LE/Retic
  • Urine Examination
  • Stool Examination
  • Cythology
  • Histopathology